Here you'll find common questions about Vintage Logo Maker. If you don't find an answer to your question here, you can always contact us.

Editing basics – How to Start

Your design consists of 4 main parts: background, badge, decoration and fonts.

Start off by choosing a background or import your own. Then pick a badge to be your focal point.

You can decorate the rest of the page with a wide variety of ornaments and other accessories, which can be moved, resized, and rotated with common gestures.

Layers can be locked in place, and you can add text over the top of any part of your design. Your final creation can be used as a wallpaper, or you can export it with a transparent background and use it as a logo.

My Projects - the first screen of the app

When you first open your app, you arrive on the My Projects page.

On this page where your finished or unfinished creations are stored. Here you can find some Demo Designs to give you some inspiration.

If you are in the middle of creation and click ‘Back’ button, you get back to the opening screen and you can find the thumbnails of all your designs. If you select one of them, you can delete, duplicate, share it or by clicking ‘Edit’ you can continue editing it.

How to bend a text – creating a curved line

You can bend your text around a badge. First tap on ‘Text’ button. Choose a font and start typing. If you typed a word you can tap ‘Edit’ and then ‘Curve’. By tapping ‘Curve’ you can freely curve your text using the slider.

How to change the order of artworks on top of each other

If you have many artworks added to your background you may want to put some of them behind or in front of the others. There is a way with which you can move the artworks (layers).

First, select one of them. If you want to move it backward or forward, tap one of the Layer buttons on the Navbar.

How to delete your selected artworks

You can delete any artworks you selected by tapping ‘trash can’ icon on the top of the editing screen. If you want to delete an outline or shadow or overlay, first you have to tap Outline, Shadow or Overlay button first to see the trash can icon appearing on the slider bar.

How to link more artworks and move them together

It can happen that you’d like to move more artworks together. Let’s say you have a badge and decoration and a text you already created and you‘d like to move them or you want to put the same color on them. Just tap ‘chain’ icon on the navigation bar (on the top).

If this chain icon is tapped, you can select more artworks at a time, just select them one by one. By selecting them you’ll see that you can move and rotate them together easily.

How to save your design to Camera Roll

How to save your design to Camera Roll

Your creations are automatically stored in the app. You can see them on the opening page. But you can also save them to the Camera Roll.

Save Method 1:

On the opening screen select your design. Then click ‘Share’. If you click ‘Share’ you can see two ways for saving your design: you can save the whole part or you can save it without a background. Choose one of them. Then you tap ‘Save Image’ icon and your design is saved to Camera Roll.

Saving Method 2:

You can save your image when you are on the editing screen. Tap ‘Share’ icon in the right upper corner.

How to put a shadow on an artwork or delete it

You can put shadow on your selected badge, decoration and font. First click on ‘Edit’ button on the toolbar. Then click ‘Shadow’. With moving the circle you can position your shadow easily. Then you can change the color of the shadow if you choose a color from your color bar.

If you change your mind and you want to delete the shadow make sure you select shadow again first.

1. select the artwork, 2. tap ‘Edit’ and ‘Shadow’ again, 3. Tap ‘Trash can’ icon on the navigation bar.

If you tap ‘Trash can’ without selecting shadow mode, you delete your artwork. So make sure: if you want to delete shadow, you have to select shadow again first and then you can delete it.